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dolphinOS İŞ İLANI

Frontend Engineer

dolphinOS is an information technology company. One part of our company works on internal projects, while the other part serves our clients as a software house.

What is in our technology stack?

  • We design and build comprehensive cloud infrastructures on AWS. Our pick in operating systems is undoubtedly Linux.
  • In databases, our selection is NoSQL. We are proudly using MongoDB, which is the most popular database for modern apps.
  • To develop APIs, we mostly use Node.js, which has become the standard for large-scale enterprise applications.
  • To build clean and fast user interfaces, we use both React and Vue.js.

What will you do in the short term?

  • You will learn about our culture and standards.
  • You will develop and maintain web-based software applications using React.
  • You will implement complex interface scenarios and face difficult problems. You are expected to suggest solutions to these problems.
  • You will build native UI elements using Sass using almost no external libraries. You are expected to suggest design suggestions.

What are our plans in the long run?

  • You will be a core member of dolphinOS in line with your progress.
  • You will become a complete, unique front-end engineer. You will not only develop software but also shape UI designs and guide UX.
  • You will build contemporary software architecture.

What are the qualifications for this job?

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree in Computer/Software Engineering or equivalent.
  • You must have an excellent understanding of JavaScript and React.
  • You must have an excellent understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • You should have preprocessor knowledge, especially Sass.
  • You should have a general understanding of responsive web developmentcross-device compatibilitiescross-browser compatibilities, and accessibility standards.
  • You should have a general understanding of UI/UX.
  • You should have a general understanding of wireframingprototyping, and building user flows.
  • You must have the ability and passion for learning.
  • You must be able to adopt flexible working hours.

What we value most is not your education, experience, former titles, and nor the numbers on your CV.

  • Our job is to solve complex problems. You must be highly intelligent.
  • Computer programming is an art. You must be writing high-quality code by using the best practices.
  • Details make perfection, and we always ask for it. You have to be very detail-oriented.
  • We are a family. Your character and moral values must be very high.

If we think you will fit our company, our team, and the position, we will get back to you within a maximum of 5 days. If we don’t, that doesn’t mean you are not good, it just means you are another good.