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Software engineering is a branch of science for software development based on the principles of engineering.

While the use of computers in daily life increases, the importance of computer software is also increasing day by day. Software products provide more efficient and productive professional and social life. Our life styles are becoming increasingly dependent on computers and hence, software. Software development has been problematic since the first days of introduction of computers and is still facing big problems. Pressure on software development, such as, constantly growing size and complexity, shorter schedules, internalization, more functionality, competition, is also increasing. This raises the need of expertise to build economical, on time and quality software. The term “software engineering” was used at a NATO conference in 1968 for the first time, where, application of engineering principles to software development was proposed as a potential solution to problems of software development. Software engineering discipline is more than programming; it is about analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of high-quality software within planned time and budget.

Our students are trained as highly-qualified professionals by our university’s academic experience in the field. Our curriculum includes courses about each stage of software development life cycle, as well as, principles of engineering and computer science. They are also offered a wide range of elective courses that help them specialize in the areas they aim. Our students also gain work experience through summer internships.

Our graduates are employed in software development, communications, computer services companies, as well as, in the IT departments of various organizations.